Finding Antique Jewelry in NYC

Shopping for antique jewelry in a new city can be intimating, especially when the particular city has dozens of potential destinations to find an unusual heirloom.

I had the pleasure of visiting New York City last weekend, and I spent most of my time going to various antique and fine jewelry boutiques as well as meeting up with some IG friends to chat about antique jewelry of course.  I started out my week long getaway with an old school pad of paper and a pen.  I scribbled down jewelry shops I wanted to visit and tried to rank them by priority.  I then pinned each location on Google Maps on my iPad.  I realized quickly that it was going to take more than five days to thoroughly go through all the shops on my list.  Below are some highlights from this past trip.  I also managed to write a few reviews while traveling, so check them out…

Read the reviews I wrote on some of the antique jewelry shops I visited here.

Bloodstone Intaglio Ring

Lori Mclean Jewelry

Catbird NYC

Pippin Vintage


antique rings

Forstner Snake Wrap Bracelet

antique rings


My Etsy Shop Picks


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