Sentiment from all Ages: Antique & Vintage Lockets

Lauren Thomann is an antique jewelry appraiser specializing in Victorian to Mid-Century pieces and antique engagement rings. With 16 years of experience and education from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), she loves to share her passion for sparkly heirlooms. In addition, Lauren is a freelance writer and editor. Click the link to learn more about her work.

Antique lockets have a special place in my heart. So much so, that it seems whenever I have the opportunity to buy them, I do. Turns out, I now have an impressive collection to offer… each one a different era, different style – no two alike.

One of the more interesting finds which is currently in our etsy store is a locket with an image of two Victorian children – behind that image is a lock of blonde hair. It was as if this little time capsule wasn’t touched for decades until I examined further… the lock in perfect place, the interior of the locket beautifully preserved. Startling and impressive, this history was a powerful reminder that jewelry, especially lockets, harbor great emotions of love, memory, and of course sentiment.

Whether you prefer lockets as found or ones that have been wiped clean of the past… all offer a chance to create your own unique feeling and story.



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