Revamp Your Antique Jewelry Collection in 2018

Antique peridot pendant

Each antique jewelry collection is unique — a compilation of pieces the owner fancies for one reason or another. Collections are also constantly evolving. If you’re just starting to collect antique and vintage jewelry, perhaps your collection is random and undefined. True connoisseurs are continually refining their jewelry boxes by buying, selling, upgrading, and exchanging.

Antique lavaliere, ruby and diamond

I’d like to think antique jewelry is timeless, and in a lot of ways, it is. But as trends and our tastes change, so can our collections. So what are some ways you can improve your selection of jewelry? Here are some ideas for revamping your collection in the new year. Add items in these categories to have a richer, more sentimental collection you’ll want to hang on to for generations.

If you love any of the items listed below, don’t forget to bid on them! Each of these pieces will be hitting the auction block on January 18th for Fellows’ Antique & Modern Jewellery Sale. If you’re coming to this post late, the jewelry is here to admire. Which is your favorite?


1. Personalize Your Collection With Monograms

<a href="">LOT 386</a><a href="">LOT 376</a>



2. Purchase Rings You’ll Love to Wear

<a href="">LOT 89</a><a href="">LOT 79</a>



3. Create Symbolism & Sentiment

<a href="">LOT 405</a><a href="">LOT 407</a>

*A horseshoe symbolizes luck and protection. A twelve-pointed star symbolizes completeness.



4. Find Georgian Era Jewels

<a href="">LOT 384</a><a href="">LOT 382</a>

*Beware of Georgian era reproductions.



5. Invest in a Showstopper

<a href="">LOT 59</a><a href="">LOT 104</a>



6. Seek Precious Gems Like Emeralds

<a href="">LOT 126</a><a href="">LOT 255</a>

*Emerald is one of only four precious gemstones. The others are ruby, sapphire and diamond. More emerald facts.



7. Add an Animal

<a href="">LOT 459</a><a href="">LOT 48</a>
This post is in collaboration with Fellows Auctions.


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