A La Vieille Russie: Top Antique Jewelry Picks for Spring

A La Vieille Russie is an elegantly awesome antique jewelry store that was founded in 1851 in Kiev and is now located on Fifth Avenue in NYC.  I have always wanted to visit their showroom, but until then their flawless high quality photographs on their website are enough to satisfy even the most critical antique jewelry lover.   Their evolving collection represents some of the finest jewelry pieces from the last few hundred years.   Springtime picks, anyone?

Black opal, diamond, and demantoid garnet pendant mounted in platinum. American, 1925

Mrs. Newman Enamel and Amethyst Floral Pendant

Antique Emerald and Diamond Cluster Earrings

Victorian French FONTANA Emerald Diamond Wasp Pin

Victorian Paste Pear-Shape Drop Earrings, c. 1870

Antique Multi-Colored Gemstone Necklace, c. 1890

Edwardian Carved Jade Pendant Earrings

Fancy-colored Diamond and Ruby Antique Butterfly Brooch

Black opal and diamond cluster ring mounted in platinum.

Bird brooch of demantoid garnets and diamonds, with a ruby eye, mounted in silver and gold.

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