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  • Throughout history, people have coveted beautiful pieces of jewelry and worn them not just on special occasions but every day of their lives. Rings, in particular, have always been very …

  • Retro period jewels (c. 1935 – 1950) tend to take on a very Americanized look and feel that balances sheer artistry and mass production. During this era, war devestated much …

  • The Late Georgian period is named after the English kings: George III and IV, and William IV and is set within a time of various social and political upheaval. The American Revolution, French Revolution, and the Napolean Wars were all fought during this time.



We dive deep into the facets of antique and estate jewelry, offering you a richer understanding and appreciation for these heirlooms.


Lauren Thomann is a seasoned antique jewelry dealer and appraiser who founded Ageless Heirlooms in 2006.

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