Important Heirloom Artisan: Charles Horner

I recently had the opprotunity to deal with a fabulous piece from Charles Horner . I am kicking myself now for not getting a picture of it. To me, it was one of the finest of this company that I have seen. Literally within a day I acquired the piece, the next day it was gone, and it is at that moment you realize you had something special; a finely crafted fully hallmarked sterling pendant set with mabe pearl, accented with brilliant enamel work – very nouveau inspired, much more so than the example you see below.


Charles Horner (1837 – 1896) founded the Halifax jewelry business Charles Horner of Halifax. This company produced fine quality Liberty Style (Arts & Crafts/Art Nouveau) pieces amoung other things.

Featured Image via Nouveau Deco Arts

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