Engagament Rings That Fit Your Style

I was talking with a client today who is looking to purchase an engagement ring within the next couple weeks.  I have never met his girlfriend, so I asked series of questions to try to understand her personal style.  This is especially important when I have never seen or talked with the significant other, and when the proposal is going to be a complete surprise.

Based on his description (some men’s descriptions are better and more attentive than others), I pictured her to be a simple classic beauty with a taste for vintage style.  I decided to pull some 1940’s solitaire engagement rings to show him.

Overall these rings are simple but have some old world character I know she will love.  After this discussion, I thought that there truly is a ring for every woman, and of course, I browsed Etsy to prove my point.  Read more about how these engagement rings pair with specific fashion styles here. 

Classic from Jewelry by Garo


Glamour from Global Diamond Company


Romantic from OroSpot


Vintage from Ageless Heirlooms


Bohemian from ChincharMaloney


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