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This policy outlines the standards for creating and publishing editorial content at Ageless Heirlooms, under the expert guidance of Lauren Thomann. The aim is to maintain the high quality and authenticity of our articles, thereby safeguarding the publication’s reputation.



The policy is applicable to all forms of editorial content, including articles, videos, and audio, created and disseminated by Ageless Heirlooms.



  • “Editorial content” is any information, analysis, or commentary created by us.
  • “Publication” refers to the platform where this content appears, such as our website or social media.
  • “Author” and “Editor” are the individuals responsible for creating and reviewing content, respectively.



Information and opinions from external sources must be clearly identified and cited. Sources must be reliable, current, and any conflicts of interest should be disclosed.



Authors are responsible for the accuracy of their content, including fact verification and clarity of presentation.


AI Assistance

We may employ AI for ideation and content improvement. However, human editors will always review and modify AI-generated ideas to meet our quality standards.



Errors will be corrected promptly, with appropriate notices published if the error is significant.



Non-adherence to this policy may result in disciplinary action.



The policy will be reviewed annually or as needed.

By focusing on the quality of articles and sharing pieces we love, Ageless Heirlooms aims to be your trusted source for insights into the world of estate and antique jewelry.



We dive deep into the facets of antique and estate jewelry, offering you a richer understanding and appreciation for these heirlooms.


Lauren Thomann is a seasoned antique jewelry dealer and appraiser who founded Ageless Heirlooms in 2006.

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