Cataloging History: Photographs

Lauren Thomann is an antique jewelry appraiser specializing in Victorian to Mid-Century pieces and antique engagement rings. With 16 years of experience and education from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), she loves to share her passion for sparkly heirlooms. In addition, Lauren is a freelance writer and editor. Click the link to learn more about her work.

This week I had the honor of walking through an older home on the hunt for more vintage jewelry heirlooms. Instead, I stumbled across a ton of old photgraphs. I had a great time sorting through this family’s history, many photos from the 1940s and others from the 1800s. There were men going off to war, both the Civil war and WWII… there were women, children, animals.

Some of the most exciting were those fashionista photos where the women really showed off their jewels and dress. I ended up acquiring two of the larger photographs of a turn of the century woman being playful with her jewelry. Until I have the chance to scan them, I will leave you with one of my favorite old world photos courtesy of Gotham Patterns (above).



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