Antique Engagement Rings to Swoon Over, vol. 2

Searching for engagement ring inspiration online isn’t anything new. We romantics don’t even need to be in a prospective relationship to admire and appreciate these sparkly love knots. In fact, we might even already be married — or have absolutely no interest in marriage at all.

Regardless, for me, my searches are currently based on personal taste and sentiment. There’s nothing quite like imagining the fanciful history of a 1920’s platinum diamond ring. It certainly leads my whimsy in a direction no new ring ever could. Sure, if I was actually in the market for an engagement ring, my search might expand to “vintage-inspired” or “repurposed” rings, but for now, I’m all about authentic antique engagement rings.

Here are some of my current favorites:


Antique Engagement Ring
via The Copper Canary


via Engaged With Diamonds


via Filigree Jewelers


Antique engagement ring on etsy
via Ivy and Rose Vintage


Antique Engagement Rings on Etsy
via Gesner Estate Jewelry


via Cypress Creek Vintage


via EraGem

Which is your favorite? vol. 1

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