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Ageless Heirlooms

Ageless Heirlooms launched in 2006. This site's sole focus is on antique jewelry.

Heirlooms at Home

Heirlooms at Home is a natural extension that launched in 2018. This site focuses on antiques, collectibles, and old house content. 

Our Story

Welcome to Ageless Heirlooms, your go-to destination for exquisite estate and antique jewelry. Sometimes antique jewelry can seem expensive and inaccessible. This site makes antique fine jewelry content that is easy to understand and digest.

Founded by Lauren Thomann, a passionate collector and industry expert, we're more than just a jewelry publication—we're a treasure trove of stories, craftsmanship, and timeless beauty.

17+ Years Experience

Lauren harnesses her extensive knowledge in antique jewelry appraisal to curate in-depth articles. Her expertise ensures each piece meets the highest standards for authenticity, quality, and informative value.

Editorial Philosophy

Ageless Heirlooms is dedicated to offering well-researched, high-quality articles that delve into the intriguing world of estate and antique jewelry. We're not just about information; we're also about passion. We love sharing pieces that captivate us, offering our readers both knowledge and inspiration.

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We dive deep into the facets of antique and estate jewelry, offering you a richer understanding and appreciation for these heirlooms.


Lauren Thomann is a seasoned antique jewelry dealer and appraiser who founded Ageless Heirlooms in 2006.

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