Lauren Thomann

Welcome and thank you for stopping! I’m usually very minimal with what I share about myself through Ageless Heirlooms. If you’re looking for a candid look inside my thoughts, Instagram is the place (particularly on my newly developing page, Heirlooms at Home).

A word of warning if you decide to visit IG: I’m sentimental and not afraid to talk about it and explore the nuances of balancing emotion and reason. I strongly believe that sensitivity is nothing to be ashamed of and can be a gift when it’s honed.

crystal galaxy artMost of the About pages that I’ve updated throughout the years have been about Ageless Heirlooms and my professional credentials (see here & here). For the first time in over a decade on Ageless Heirlooms site v.18.9, I decided to create an About section that shares a little more about ME.
If you’ve followed me at any point over the last 12+ years, you’ve probably seen more than one picture of my hands. At any given time, I might have over 1,000 hand selfies in my phone, all of which show off antique rings I’m coveting or selling. In 2019, I’m hoping to offset that a bit with some regular selfies. I honestly never thought I’d say that, but hey… self-love > self-defeat.catahoula
Last year, I adopted an adorable Catahoula puppy rescue and I named him Mica, which is after the mineral, not the bible name. I am that dog mom that needs to buy her puppy everything to solve any problem and enhance all play time. Marketers LOVE me for that reason and make sure to retarget me with tons of dog toy ads.

We just started this hunting game where I hide a treat and Mica finds it… he’s brilliant at it, so I’m sure I’ll quickly learn that a hundred squeaky toys aren’t necessary for my smart boy. I picked an easy hiding spot for the video, but you get the idea.

I love what I do, and I feel grateful every day to do what I love. It sounds so cliche, but it’s true. Over the past several years, I’ve pivoted back and forth between selling antique jewelry and freelance writing, and I feel as though I hit a sweet spot recently that offers me a balance of both.

Lastly, I want to say that I cherish the people I’ve met through this brand, and I would love to meet more of you. Reach out anytime with questions, comments, inquiries… I’d love to hear from you!

Things I Love:

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