1914 Gem Buyers Guide

I couldn’t help but smile this afternoon when I got my mail and found this little book had arrived! I am a complete addict for old jewelry books, catalogs, and other paper paraphernalia.   A common concern customers have when dealing in antique jewelry usually has to do with the authenticity of certain stones, settings, styles… they ask me how I am able to tell the difference between a modern gemstone and an older one…  a reproduction setting and an authentic one.  Most of this knowledge comes from books like these (as well as hands on experience).

Have you ever thought that a hundred years ago they couldn’t possibly have the technology to cut stones, to produce lab grown stones, to recognize the chemical difference between certain stones, and so on?  Well they could… so much so that I often think the quality of the old stones surpasses that of any stone made/cut today.

A special thanks to veraviola of etsy for offering such a unique little book for me to treasure!

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